Sunday, August 19, 2012

Continued conformation...

I had the opportunity to go to Guatemala in June to do some media work, hang out with our awesome team, and spend time with my Dad's church! This trip was only supposed to be to get some filming done and to get some photos taken for some promotional material we are getting ready to put out. However, God really opened other doors!

When we move to Guatemala we will obviously have to get a house and all the furnishings. We have been planning on flying down next March to find us a place to live and get some furniture. While I was there God opened up both an opportunity to get us a house, a washer/dryer, and a stove!

We currently have around 11% of our needed support pledged/coming in. Which leaves us 40% more to goal to meet our goal of 50% support pledged/raised by the end of the year.

If you have received one of our packets and feel like the Lord is leading you to help support us starting when we leave for Guatemala, we would love for you to send us the commitment part of the flyer so we can keep a running total of the support coming in. If you would like to have a commitment card send JD and email at

JD and Bethany

Prayer Request:

Continued health for Bethany and little Karis who is due in November!

Prayer for JD as he begins Seminary for the fall semester.

Prayer for Carla Parker as she continues to battle cancer.

Prayer for continued strength for the team members currently in Guatemala.

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