Monday, May 14, 2012

Exciting news!

If you are friends with us on Facebook I am sure by now you have seen our cover photos or read our statuses, we are having a baby! We are absolutely overjoyed and feel very blessed to now have the opportunity to bring a little one into the world! I have been asked by many people if this is going to change our plans for Guatemala, as of right now it is not. We are going to be moving our departure date back a little for visa reasons but are still planning on leaving end of April/ beginning of May 2013. We find out what our little one is going to be on our next visit!

We have all of our support packet printed and they are going to be mailed out in the next couple of weeks! This is a huge load off our chest! Now we are continuing to pray that God would open people's hearts to help us out!

We had a huge prayer answered last! We have know we were going to have to replace our roof in the near future and had been putting it off. There where some bad storms that came through a few weeks ago and we ended up with some wind damage. We called our insurance company and a few roofers to come out and look at our roof and it looked like unless the insurance company would get us a new roof it was going to cost us some where in the $5K range. However, our insurance company called us last week and said that they where going to pay for us to get a new roof! We met with our roofer and we have new roof on the house! 

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support!