Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December update!

First off, Feliz Navidad from the Jones'! Bethany, Karis, and I are praying that you have a blessed Christmas season and a wonderful new year!

November and December has been incredible and very busy!

Our November was a great time of adjustment with the birth of Karis and our leap into parenthood! We are still thanking God for the good health of both Bethany and Karis. They are both still doing great, mamma is sleep deprived but thankfully Karis is beginning to get on more of a schedule so hopefully Beth will get to sleep more soon!

As we have continued to prepare for our move to Guatemala the two biggest obstacles are selling our house and our Jeep. We decided to try and sell our house by owner and got a few phone calls inquiring about price but nothing more than that. After a few weeks we decided to call a realtor friend of our and let her list it. Our house was on the market a grand total of one week (the week of thanksgiving no less), was shown once, and sold for exactly what we were asking! Praise the Lord! There are houses in our neighborhood and on our own street that have been on the market for months and haven't sold. This was truly a God thing! Our realtor also shared or photo of our Jeep on facebook and a friend of hers purchased our Jeep this week!

We were so excited that we had sold our house that we had forgotten house close to Christmas it was and that we needed to sell all of our furniture. So we decided to have an estate sale about a week after house had sold (not a low stress activity). Bethany put some pictures on facebook to announce our sale and show people what all we had and within two days had sold nearly all of our furniture through facebook, another God thing! With all of our furniture gone we were able to have a small garage sale and sell nearly everything thing we wanted to!

We are now in full packing mode! You don't realize the stuff you accumulate until its time to move! Thankfully the Lord gave my wife a very organized brain and she is great at packing and telling me which boxes to move and what things go where!

We would like to thank all of you have given and/or are giving to us! We feel extremely blessed that you are helping to support us in our calling and this great adventure that God has set before us.

Heading into the end of the year and less than 4 months from our move, we are a little less than 3/4ths of our way to our minimum monthly goal. We need about $800 a month more in support to make in Guatemala. We know that the Lord had brought us this far and will see us through the rest of the way. If you would like to support us let me know by sending me an email to Also if you are planning on supporting us but haven't let us know please email me as well so we can add you to our list so we can know where we stand financially. We are 100% funded by charitable gifts as a 501C3 non-profit.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Merry Christmas!

The Jones'