Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wiping off the dust...

I started this blog back in the 2013 when my wife, daughter, and I were preparing to go move to Guatemala. It was supposed to be a good way for us to keep all of our family, friends, and supporters up to date on all of our endeavors while we were abroad. As you can see by scrolling through the past post, I was not the most faithful of bloggers.

Having graduated seminary about a month ago there has been a longing to write, as that is all I seemed to do in seminary. I have often found myself thinking of things and wanting to write them down but just not getting around to it. However, I am going to give this another shot. For the most part this blog is going to consists of devotional thoughts, theological and church growth issues, book review, ideas on living missionaly, etc. 

The is to have something once a week for the first bit and then move into a more frequent publication.

Grace and Peace,

JD Jones

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